Unity in Diversity

Giving voice to an exchange of ideas in a consistent set of actions which will encourage the knowledge and the comprehension of the concepts unity and diversity in the European context.



Comenius Project

« Unity in diversity »
Visite à Vérone


20th - 23rd April, 2010

L'équipe de Chanzy
The Chanzy team

Le compte-rendu des travaux menés dans chaque pays
Report on the work carried out in each country

Des réunions de travail

Nous avons travaillé en petits groupes
et présenté nos conclusions à la fin du
Thèmes étudiés : l'euthanasie, l'avortement, les manipulations génétiques...

We worked in groups and reported back
at the end of the trip.
Some topics : euthanasia, abortion, genetic engineering...

Les résultats du concours de logo
Results of the logo competition

Et le gagnant est ... le N°2 (du Danemark)
And the winner is... N°2 (from Denmark)

Et tout ça dans
la ville de Roméo & Juliette
And all this in Verona, the city of Romeo & Juliet
Le balcon de Juliette
Juliet's balcony

  Vérone, lieu idéal pour mener à bien nos sondages, auprès des Italiens, concernant l'avortement.

  We went to the old town of Verona in order to find out the Italian position concerning abortion.

Une chance d'avoir participé à ce projet pour plusieurs raisons…
We were lucky to have been part of this project for many reasons…

   Des rencontres inoubliables avec des lycéens de toute l'Europe. 
We will never forget meeting students from all over Europe.

Dernières minutes sur le sol italien, les sacs sont prêts, plus rien ne nous arrêtera pas même un volcan islandais.

Last minutes in Verona, our bags are ready, nothing will stop us now even Icelandic volcano ash.



Logo Comenius "Unity in Diversity"

And here is the logo of our project.
Congratulations to the Danish friends, who created it.


Students' program 20-23 Verona

PROGETTO COMENIUS: “Unity in Diversity”
VERONA 20-23 APRILE 2010
Students’ program
Tuesday, April 20th
Arrival of students and accommodation in host families
(Host families will welcome students at Verona Airport, Railway Station and at the hotel – Danish group)
Wednesday, April 21st
08.00 – 08.15: Students’ check-in and welcome meeting.
08.15 – 09.45: Workshop in multimedia laboratory with Mrs. Coppi.
Presentation of the participants’ works and discussion on bioethics.
10.00: Official opening of the meeting – all teachers in the Lecture Room.
10.30 – 11.00: Coffee-break.
11.00 – 13.00: Lecture Room – writing of the questionnaires to be given in town.
13.00 – 14.00: Break and free lunch.
14.30: Transfer to the old town by local bus service.
15- 16.30: Handing out of questionnaires in the old town.
17.00: Piano concert with Adrian Nicodim, a student at the Istituto Einaudi, in the music hall of the local music academy, next to the Church of Santa Anastasia. Music of Schumann and Chopin.
17.30: Return to the host families.
Thursday, April 22nd
08.00 – 09:45: Workshop in multimedia laboratory with Mrs. Coppi.
Checking on results and drafting the final conclusions.
10.00 - 10.30: Presentation of final conclusions in the Lecture Room with all teachers.
10.30 - 11.00: Coffe-break.
11.00 - 13: Choice of the inning logo and final disussion.
13.20: Return to host families.
Free afternoon and evening.
Friday, April 23rd

Airports and ash

The airports in Milan, Verona, Venice are closed until Monday morning.


Tema 1 – Ingegneria Genetica: presentazione 20-23 aprile 2010 Verona IT

Insegnanti: BARBIERI Religione; ALBERTINI Inglese; DE BORTOLI Tedesco; ORTOLANI Spagnolo
Insegnanti: COPPI Religione; FIORENTINI Tedesco; VACCARI Tedesco; ORTOLANI Spagnolo
Insegnanti: BARBIERI Religione; NEGRIOLLI Scienze
Insegnanti: BARBIERI Religione, CABALETTI Tedesco, PASSARO Inglese